Buying your home
Here is the process I will use

1. Relationship. The most important factor in choosing a broker is the level of trust that exists between the parties. I will meet with you in order that we can mutually determine whether we are comfortable working together. Assuming we decide to work together, I will learn of your needs and desires for the home you wish to purchase. We will review together a purchase contract form so that you are familiar with the steps involved in the contract process. This will increase your comfort level when the time comes to make an offer on a property.
2. I will pray regularly for the Lord’s leading in the purchase of your home.
3. I will refer you to mortgage lenders with whom I have positive working experience. You are under no obligation to use the services of anyone I refer to you. I do not receive compensation of any kind from anyone I refer to you. My only compensation is the co-op portion of the real estate brokerage fee, which is paid by the seller of the home.
4. If you desire, I will counsel you as to my opinion of the impact and influence of your real estate transaction on your overall financial situation.
5. I will consistently review the market for currently available properties giving you the information I learn. This is the buyer’s primary comparison of value when deciding which property to purchase.
6. I will be available to show homes to you.
7. Prior to preparing an offer on a home, I will analyze similar sold properties to determine the price range of recent sales. This information is valuable to you to learn the relative value of the home. This information is also used by the lender’s appraiser to determine value for loan purposes.
8. Once we have a home under contract, I will provide clear and regular communication to you so that you are informed as to the status of the contract including conditions to be met, deadlines upcoming, etc. I provide regular updates by telephone and email.
9. I will lead you through the balance of the home buying process, including the closing and matters requiring follow up after closing.

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