Selling Your Home…
Here is the process I will use:

1. I will analyze similar sold properties to determine the price range of recent sales. This information will be lender’s appraiser to determine value for loan purposes.
2. I will review currently available similar properties. This is the buyer’s primary comparison of value when deciding which property to purchase. I will tour each of the similar available properties prior to placing your home on the market, in order to develop an understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of your home compared to its competition.
3. I will become familiar with your home. Before you establish the listing price for your home, I will become familiar with its features, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses so I can properly counsel you as to the position of your home against the competition.
4. I will counsel you as to the steps you can take to make the property look its best to potential buyers.
5. I will provide you the market information in order for you to establish the asking price for your home. I will counsel you as to the factors that weigh on this decision- financial considerations such as having purchased another home, the need to sell quickly because of relocation, the general direction and strength of the market, etc.
6. I will expose the property to the brokerage community, including placement in the MLS service and ancillary sources (, Colorado R.E.). These are the recognized sources used by brokers in Colorado. Of course, sign placement and an informational brochure are a part of this process. Cooperation among listing and selling brokers is key since the vast majority of sales involve two brokers from different firms. In truth, the available marketing tools do not vary much from one brokerage to the next. All Realtors use the same MLS service and other internet sources, newspapers, yard signage and brochures. In 25 years I have found the vast majority of brokers do a good job of “servicing their listings”.
7. I will canvass the neighborhood to distribute brochures of the property to neighbors. In addition to satisfying their curiosity, this is sometimes a source of potential buyers (friends, relatives of neighbors).
8. I will follow up with other brokers. I will contact brokers who show your home to learn their and their buyers’ impressions of the property. The buyer brokers are the best source from which to obtain honest and direct comment about your home.
9. I will place Newspaper ads to increase the overall level of exposure to the market.
10. I will run Open Houses on weekends, as appropriate, in conjunction with Newspaper ads. This increases the level of convenience for potential buyers and the brokerage community.
11. I will provide clear and regular communication to you so that you are informed as to showing activity and comments solicited from brokers who show the property. I provide regular updates each week by telephone and email of showing activity and comments.
12. Relationship. The most important factor in choosing a broker is the level of trust that exists between the parties.
13. I will pray regularly for the Lord’s leading in the sale of your home.

What are “Short Sales”?